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“You’re not gonna pick up any girls wearin’ a digital watch”

TCharlie-Jakehat’s what Charlie Harper said to his nephew Jake Harper anyway.  And you know what, I think he’s right.  With all deference to digital watches and as an owner of an original Pulsar digital watch, I just don’t think a digital watch cuts it with the women.  If you are in the market for a watch that is a conversation piece at Ridiculously Low Holiday Pricing, then take a look at the Môntrèk CR-1 Chronographs.  This Special Offer will only last with our current supply so head on over to to take advantage … let the insanity begin :-) !!!!!

Luxury Watches = Corruption … in China anyway

ChinaA Chinese activist has uncovered a sure fire method of rooting out those corrupt government drones.  He takes pictures of the watches they are wearing.  So what’s the fuss ?  Well, apparently some of the photos that have been floating around by way of the Chinese version of Twitter and a 42 page PowerPoint show officials wearing watches that two or three times their annual salary.  Hmmmmmm … something does sound rotten in Denmark … err, China :-) LOL.  I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that this activist’s activity has been censored in that bastion of free speech called China.  I wonder if this would be a way to reduce the budget in the good ol’ USA … let’s start photographing watches being worn by government employees and see what we can come up with.  In any event,  if you would like more information on this matter go here.

We need more parishioners

Church-PeweesLabor Day weekend in the “States” and I am catching up on a stack of magazines.  I saw an editorial comment regarding the subject of the USA being a “mature” market for “fine” watches.  The editorial went on to say that it was really the industry’s doing (I will avoid the word “fault”) that this was the case as the major “fine” brands focus so heavily on a relatively small market of watch enthusiasts.  Understandably it takes the ability to make a financial commitment to fall into the category of watch enthusiasts as described in this article, but as much as I agree with the premises, I do disagree with the intent.  It seems that this popular watch enthusiasts magazine has defined the matter from the point of view of VERY expensive brands that are affordable by only a relative few.  So what about the rest of us … I guess we are destined to be watch industry cast offs and perhaps not even allowed to wear a watch because we cannot meet the financial criteria.  Fortunately, as usual, the “fine” watch industry missies the “proving ground” for many of their customers.  You can still be a “collector” and not spend an arm and a leg as many stores, brands, and shows like ShopNBC have proven.  And I’ll bet many of these collectors eventually make a purchase of one of those “fine” watch brands that have ignored them.  Dear “fine” watch brands don’t keep looking down at us … you are welcome that we are doing your job for you … we are developing the new parishioners !!!

Francois-Henry Bennahmias, you are my hero

Francois3In case you don’t know, Mr. Bennahmias is the CEO of Audemars Piguet in the Americas.  I was reading an interview with him in the 9/2011 issue of International Watch and he was asked about the “challenges facing the watch industry”.  He stated that “Quality and repairs will be the biggest challenges … to fix them (watches) in an acceptable time.”  He goes on to say that if the expectations of the watch industry were compared with other industries like the automobile, the watch industry would get “crushed (his word)”.  Can you imagine taking your car in for repair or just a regular service and being told it would be months before you could have it back ?  You would flip out !!! But that is the standard in the watch industry.  While we are surely not up there with the big boys like Francois-Henry (I’m on a first name basis now :-) LOL), we at Môntrèk take this VERY seriously.  Turnaround on the few repairs we see are fast and we back that up with our Exclusive Môntrèk 10 Year Warranty.  I always like when someone in the industry will call it like it is … thanks Mr. Bennahmias.

Is it morning already

MuteWatchSo your alarm rings in the morning to get you up and startles “the heck” out of your … wife, husband, partner, significant other, dog, cat … who doesn’t need to be awakened in the late stages of moonlight like you do.  So you both (having chosen the most politically correct combo from the aforementioned list) start the day out grousing about the time before you have gotten your feet to the floor.  Does this sound YOUR morning ?  Well here is the solution … the Mutewatch.  This interesting bit of craftsmanship from Sweden will wake you up will a vibration on your wrist rather than the alarm clock that wakes up the whole neighborhood.  And of course you could also set the vibrating alarm to remind you of appointments during the day.  So if you must get up without disturbing the peace, this may just be the solution for you.  And a BIG thanks to bunnyBISOUS for bringing this tidbit to my attention.

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Scott-RothsteinBefore you read the rest of this post, turn up the volume on your computer and click on this link:  The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again.  OK, now that I have set the mood let’s talk about Scott Rothstein.  You don’t know who Scott Rothstein is ?  Well let me put it to you this way … Bernie Madoff was his idol.  If Madoff was the king of ponzi schemers then Rothstein is at least the court jester.  And while Rothstein was know to have ripped off enough people to even have a gold toilet seat in his house (I guess the court jester was actually king of his own throne :-) LOL), he apparently had exquisite taste in his almost 200 piece watch collection (check out the accompanying picture) which will all be put up for auction.  So now it is your opportunity to take advantage of the ponzi schemer.  However, if these watches are out of your financial league, as they are out of mine … you may want to start here.


Checking the Time on Your Cell Phone could be Costly

They say (I always wonder who “They” really are :-) LOL) that the cell phone is killing the watch business.  Beyond the fact of that statement not being true, here is a solution for you … if you are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the Sheik of your country of choice.  The Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX is your answer … just hope no one asks you for the name of your phone … Droid or iPhone seem so much simpler.  But simplicity just is not the watchword of this uh watch or phone or watch phone or phone watch or well just look at the picture.  The “standard” edition “flip-phone” made of titanium with ebony wood inserts and a flying tourbillion watch on the cover which winds by opening and closing the phone goes for a mere $400,000.00 (no … there is no typo on all those zeros).  If you are able to even consider the Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX then I suggest you pair it up with the Zafirro Iridium Razor with platinum screws and sapphire blades … limited quantity of 99 for only $100,000.00.  Do I hear BIC Disposable :-) LOL.  We can dream but if you want to go in style and still be able to buy groceries, check THIS out !!!

As Chubby Checker said in the song Limbo Rock, “How low can you go ?”

It used to be that watches could be classified as “Water Proof” but in these days of political correctness, I suppose that the concept that a watch could actually guarantee that water would not get in was just too much for manufacturers to be responsible for and thus the current terminology of “Water Resistance”.  So what is the magic of water resistance ?  Well … as with most things in the watch world, that depends.  For instance, if your watch is rated for 50 meters, I would not suggest that you do anything other than working up a good sweat with your watch on.  At 100 meters your limitation is probably the shower :-) and 300 meters will get you some scuba diving but don’t go too deep as helium buildup could cause your watch to explode.  So if you want a great watch that is really a “dive” watch to 1000 meters with a helium escape valve, check this out.  And on a completely different “note”, if you want to hear Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock click here.

How big is yours ?

Watch-SizeOh, c’mon now my friends … you know I am talking about your watch :-) LOL.  Many people think our Môntrèk Watches are fairly large but a survey done by watch enthusiast/critic Ariel Adams shows thatMôntrèk is right in the “sweet spot” of what people are looking for.  The good news is that regardless of your taste, there is something available to fit your needs.  The watch industry has to be one of the most prolific industries when it comes to variety of models.  However, if you are looking for that special gift for Father’s Day, an upcoming Graduation, any other occasion, or you are just on the prowl for a new timepiece … we suggest you go here.

Made in Italy

UnderwoodSo what does that conjure up for you ? Italian craftsmanship is known throughout the world and I’m not just talkin’ Sistine Chapel craftsmanship either. Italian history has a long list of all types of artisans from architects to artists. But not to dismiss history, Italy also is know for the quality of products even today and one of the specialties that is know worldwide is Italian leather goods. So what does this have to do with watches you may ask ? Can you imagine the combination of fine Italian leather craftsmanship and Swiss engineering ? THAT would make a GREAT product !!!!! Now that may sound like wishful thinking but it is really reality. Just take a look at Underwood Watch Winders and you will see the melding of these fantastic ingredients. So for that deserving Dad or Grad, consider the ultimate gift in a Underwood Watch Winder.